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OW410-64 Image

This control panel does not record the call light activity. It reads the call data and sends it to a computer to display the active calls. It requires a dedicated computer to be connected to the control panel. It includes the NCDISP software program for the computer. A computer is available from Omniwatch or you can use your own computer. The computer will display the active calls and can also send an email to a cell phone or speak the call information over a two way radio. The program has a basic call light reporting function. There is an option to use the Omniwatch OWPROG reporting program for more in depth reporting.

The control panel is connected to the computer with a serial cable. There is an option to use WIFI wireless networking to connect to the computer. With the wireless networking option, more than one computer could be displaying the calls.

This control panel has inputs for 64 call lights.

The basic call light reporting function will display a list of all calls or a list of calls for a single room. Included in the list of calls is the response time. It will also display the number of calls and the average response time.

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