Nurse Call Reports

Nurse call computer reports of call light activity and response times can be added to most existing nurse call systems.


Wireless Nurse Call

Wireless systems with a few call stations to larger computer based systems. Uses pendants, bed stations and pull string call stations.


online orders - prices

Online order page where you can view prices of individual componets. Nurse call dealers should call for information on dealer prices.


Computer Reports Demo

View a demo of the information that is available with the nurse call computer reports.


Wired Nurse Call

UL 1069 listed nurse call systems from Cornell and Aiphone. Systems can have radio paging and computer reports.


Call light response

Article- How long in time should it take to respond to a call light.

Omniwatch Nurse Call Monitor

Omniwatch is a combination hardware - software system which retrofits existing nurse call light systems in Nursing Homes and Hospitals. Omniwatch will provide management reports listing call light data such as total and room average response times, longest calls, calls for each hour of the day, and calls by room. The system can also transmit a message to an alpha-numeric pocket pager to alert staff when a call light is turned on. There can also be an audible alert if a call is on past a given number of minutes.

Wireless Nurse Call Replacement

Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have bought a wireless nurse call system in the past and now find they cannot get replacement wireless devices. Many systems use pull string and bed stations. With these call stations you do not need to replace the whole call station. You can replace only the transmitter device. With many computer based systems you can have 2 wireless receivers. This would allow you to use both the old wireless devices and new ones at the same time. This would save a huge expense. With systems that use a desktop annunciator, a second annunciator can be installed for the new devices. With any of these systems you would also need to install some new repeaters. There is also a replacement bed station available to replace the VisionLink VL155 bed station. For more information call Omniwatch at 800 539-6664.